About Our Company

NewVibeDesigns is a company committed to changing the world through the power of design. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the products we design, and market help customers uplift the vibration of their surroundings. The best materials are used in the creation, production, and sourcing of our goods. We believe in changing the world spiritually through the alchemy of design and we are on a mission to create and source products that will help make the world a more beautiful place.

Since everything is energy, NewVibeDesigns' mission is to inspire all to connect more deeply with self, each other, and the planet.

It is our humble intention to continue to learn and grow in the art of aesthetics (feng shui), the energetic power of aromatherapy, as well as the power of healing through sound, and to share this knowledge with the intent to raise the vibration of our thinking, and to create that much-needed sacred space within each of our environments.