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Chakra Reiki Energy Flow Healing Ring

Chakra Reiki Energy Flow Healing Ring

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Looking for a way to improve your wellness and overall sense of calm? Introducing the Chakra Healing Ring! This unique ring is made with silver plating and 7 natural stones, each representing one of the chakras. The hollow design of the ring allows for easy Reiki healing energy flow. Whether you're looking to improve your energy balance or simply want a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, the Chakra Healing Ring is perfect for you!

Psychological/Physiological effect:

 Lapis lazuli is said to be able to balance the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental realms. When things are out of balance, depression and illness can easily happen, and people can lose sight of their life goals. Instead, it can inform people.

Material: Seven-ring ring
Pendant length: 30mm width: 21mm Because there is a human hand measurement, there will be a slight error.

Psychological effect:
According to Crystal Therapy, lapis lazuli can coordinate body, emotional spirit and spirituality. Once these aspects are out of tune, it is easy to cause depression and illness, and people lose their life goals. On the contrary, it can bring people to know.

Package Content:
1 x ring

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